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Our areas of expertise

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Trusted Strategic Partners
Utility Infrastructure Innovators
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Successful Project Delivery
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TOBA are experts within the Electricity sector


Our team have worked with all elements of the NZ electricity network (Generation, Transmission and Distribution) and have extensive overseas experience to back that up.


We will collaborate with your team to explore exciting energy innovation opportunities that may be available on your project to meet your business objectives.

The services we offer:

(specific to the Energy sector)

  • Strategic advisory services - to help clients implement new technologies into their business:

  • Embedded generation (solar, batteries etc)

  • ​Exploring all market opportunities to deliver better returns on investment (demand response, frequency support, interruptible load). 

The opportunities are endless

We can help scope and explore the opportunities within your portfolio of buildings or infrastructure. Potential project objectives and opportunities that may be available to you include:


Reduce capex costs

  • Explore embedded generation opportunities (solar, batteries etc) and interrogate smart network design to potentially reduce the required HV infrastructure sizes.


Reduce opex costs

  • Installation of solar solutions either via long term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) or through self-funding.

  • Electricity pricing that is cost neutral or cheaper than existing energy contracts. This also reduces exposure to future electricity pricing increases.


Improve Resilience

  • Embedded generation and energy storage may be solutions to ensure the frequency and duration of electrical outages be kept to a minimum.

The opportunities are endless.

Sustainability/environmental objectives​​


  • Off-set greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

  • Align with Government objectives to reduce GHG emissions and achieve 100% renewable electricity supply.

  • Alignment with Greenstar and Living Building standards.

Ways the project can generate revenue


  • Utilisation of battery storage for demand response or alternative market opportunities. ​

  • Desire for a unique industry leading, cutting edge project​

Need funding?


Following the initial scoping study, our team has the experience and contacts within the industry to explore the design, integration, funding (financing if required) and delivery of any applicable solution.




Utility Specialists

We provide expert project management services for underground and overhead utilities and telco infrastructure. ​

We work with large infrastructure for new asset builds, relocation and improvement projects in the following areas:


  • Electricity 

  • Gas 

  • Communications 

  • 3-Waters


New Tech Integration and Innovation ​

We are leaders in the commercialisation and integration of new energy and smart city technologies.

Examples of projects we have been involved in:

  • Utility scale battery installations

  • LED Lighting displays

  • Smart Pole development and deployment

  • 4G co-location of antenna on HV power poles

  • Li-Ion UPS upgrades for telco applications​


These types of "Non-Business-as-Usual" projects are as challenging as they are exciting and require expert leadership. We use our technical, commercial and project management expertise to turn your new opportunities into reality.


Utility Relocations​

We provide project management and strategic advice for utility relocations on large scale infrastructure projects, developments and buildings. 

We work with utility owners and project developers to manage all aspects of utility impacts and tie-ins required on significant  projects.   

We specialise in:


  • HV and LV electricity relocations (switches, transformers, poles and cables)

  • Gas main relocations (PE and steel)

  • Communications relocations (fibre and copper)

Our team has a diversified background in civil construction and utilities tie-ins & relocations on major and mega-projects in NZ and internationally.



View D_Final_NC26 Update_.jpg

Independent Leadership

TOBA offer a proven track record for having successfully managed complex building projects - ranging from $1M to $150M - both nationally and globally. We bring a comprehensive, in-house and fully integrated team with the expertise to deliver:

  • Residential  (apartments, townhouses, subdivisions)

  • Commercial (retail shopping centres, strip retail, fit-outs)

  • Healthcare

  • Industrial

  • Sports facilities

Our Project Management services:​
  • Project Planning and definition,

  • Scope/brief development,

  • Site Master-planning,

  • Client Representative,

  • Consultant appointments,

  • Design Management,

  • Value Management, 

  • Risk management,

  • Expert Project Programming,

  • Procurement Management and strategy, 

  • Health & Safety and Quality Management,

  • Incorporation of sustainable design features,

  • Stakeholder engagement,

  • Regulatory approvals (Building and Resource Consent management).

  • Communication and reporting management,

  • Construction administration and monitoring,

  • Commissioning and project close-out.

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