The story of TOBA 

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TOBA's three directors met while working in Vancouver, Canada as part of their OE’s.  Paul was there for 4 years, Aaron 5 years and Umesh 2 years. 


Paul and Aaron were working for the same engineering consultancy, and  both involved with projects at an existing run of river hydro power scheme in the Toba Inlet, British Columbia.​



Toba Inlet background is only accessible by float plan or boat. Two runs of river hydro power stations were within the valley. The directors were working with the owner to manage remedial, or upgrade works to the power stations and transmission lines.

Site hazards were unique, including Interesting wildlife – ie grizzly bears which would wonder through the project work sites! and avalanches, flooding and rockfalls.

Upon returning to NZ, Paul and Aaron stayed in touch and worked at building up their professional networks in Auckland’s energy industry.

They came up with the idea of starting up their own project management consultancy after a few too many drinks at Paul’s stag-do!

TOBA was decided as a name due to the similarities of starting a business to working at TOBA in Canada.

Lots of hard work.


It is also a historical super volcano in Indonesia……unbeknown to us!

TOBA Infrastructure Consultants was started in March 2018 focusing on Energy and Infrastructure projects.

Umesh joined after 9months and the company named was changed to TOBA Projects which included Energy , Infrastructure and Building consultancy services.

We are now a team of 12!