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The Story

TOBA Projects’ Directors: Aaron Clarkson, Paul Cannin and Umesh Daya first met in Vancouver, Canada while on their OE. They shared a passion for meticulous project management, efficient solutions and sustainable outcomes.

Toba project site
In 2018 – with all three back in Auckland - TOBA Projects took off.

Initially, with Aaron and Paul’s expertise in the infrastructure and energy space; then soon after with Umesh’s building sector proficiency. 


TOBA Projects gets its name from a particularly memorable project where both Aaron and Paul worked: a run-of-river hydro power scheme in British Columbia’s TOBA Inlet.

Only accessible by float plane or boat, the TOBA site presented unique hazards: avalanches, flooding, rockfalls, and the occasional grizzly bear. While challenging, TOBA was a rewarding experience and cemented friendship, collaborative working style, and intent to create a leading project management firm. 

Today, with a growing team of project managers and specialist advisors, TOBA Projects is a fresh, focused, and agile firm; making a mark on New Zealand's landscape by spearheading some of the country's iconic and cutting-edge projects.
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