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Our Services

As specialists in project management and strategic advisory services, we can manage every aspect of your project from inception through to its successful completion.
Business and Project Advisory

We understand the commercial and regulatory pressure that drives businesses and the huge opportunities arising from emerging technologies. Let us take care of your planning so you can get your projects off the ground and completed efficiently. By looking at the business objectives, key success factors and desired outcomes we determine a plan to guarantee success.

Design Management

Want to get your project off to the best possible start? It all starts with planning and design management and we have industry leading engineers, construction and project managers offering independent advice, review and management. We’ll make sure your design is buildable and biddable.

Construction Management and Engineer to the Contract

With your project underway, it’s important to make sure it all goes to plan, on time and to the budget. Projects evolve but we know how to adapt to get results that matter to your organisation. Our hands-on, expert approach ensures you get independent advice, site representation and Engineer to the Contract services to secure the success of your project.

Programme and Project Management

Our vast experience in managing large and complex projects enables us to take care of the entire process for you; from inception, design, procurement, consenting, construction, commissioning and handover. Whether it’s a groundbreaking one-off or a series of projects under a programme management framework, we’ll deliver with a relentless focus on safety, budget, scope and quality. We always see things through to the end, diligently and efficiently.

Contracting Strategy and Management

The finer details are our specialty. Our bank of knowledge and experience in service and construction contracts in New Zealand and overseas, combined with our intimate knowledge of New Zealand’s commercial construction contracts, allows us to manage the risks and outcomes for you. Whether an existing contract or new, we’ll look after the contracting management process and deliver sustainable, cost-effective projects every time.

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