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Aurora - Frankton SPS Project

Client: Aurora Energy
Project: Frankton Special Protection Scheme
Project Value: $200k
Completion: June 2022
Project Type: Protection/ Control
Our role: Project Management, execution phase

TOBA led the implementation phase of Otago lines company Aurora Energy’s portion of the Frankton GXP Special Protection Scheme project.

The was a fast tracked Transpower initiated project to shed load at Frankton GXP in the event of transformer failure to avoid over loading of the remaining transformer.

The project was completed in conjunction with Transpower. Aurora’s portion of the work involved installation of fibre cables and RTAC relays to sense the transformer failure, shedding hot-water load, followed by shedding some select 11kV breakers to reduce the overall load on the GXP. If the reduction is not sufficient, then Transpower would shed more 33kV load to avoid tripping of the remaining transformer. The project was complex, and required close coordination of Aurora Energy and Transpower and their respective contractors to avoid unplanned tripping of the supply at Frankton GXP. We conducted combined commissioning plans, and worked to a common schedule to complete the project.


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