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Counties Energy - Radio Replacement Project

Client: Counties Energy
Completion: June 2024
Project Cost: $5.2m
Project Type: Energy Infrastructure
Our role: Project Manager

​Counties Energy commenced a programme to upgrade their end-of-life radio network, providing remote field device communication back to the SCADA master control. TOBA was engaged early and assisted with the development of the project initiation phase, managing product assessments, early consultant engagement, business case development & design planning.

The three year programme would cover the digital microwave backbone upgrade, ten civil upgrades for the existing repeater locations, three repeater building upgrades, procurement, installation and commissioning of the new digital links. The project also included commissioning a new UHF system and site additions on the existing Digital VHF network. The project is targeting completion by 2024.

  • Radio Network upgrade

  • Network communication backbone

  • Consultant & design management

  • Repeater site civil upgrades

  • Radio network equipment upgrades

  • Radio network commissioning to SCADA (master control)


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