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Alastair Micheals

Project Manager

B.A, PRINCE2 Practitioner Certified

021 1984001

Alastair Micheals

Alastair is a versatile & adaptable delivery driven professional with 10+ years of key client account and delivery experience.

With a background in corporate Telecommunications, he has delivered multiple projects across Telco/IT, Fibre network, civil and utility asset sectors. Prior to joining TOBA, Alastair worked for Vector Fibre as the Service Delivery Manager to Vector Electricity. Some of his notable project achievements were:

  • Auckland Harbour Bridge - Vector Lights (solution design management & project delivery of the fibre solution for the network communications to the Vector Lights solar & battery systems).

  • Vector Electricity fibre delivery - Led a programme of Vector Fibre substation civil & fibre builds across the central Auckland Electricity network, which enabled the delivery of multiple SCADA WAN and Protection fibre services for the client.

  • Vector Electricity - Off-Grid delivery - Led a programme delivering multiple off-grid (non-fibre network) solutions for remote substation and grid connections for the Vector SCADA network (via third-party ADSL, Wireless & fibre solutions).

  • Auckland Council - WAN deployment project - Delivered 300 plus data network service connections for Auckland Councils community and facility centres.

  • Vector Fibre – delivered multiple network infrastructure asset upgrades and service relocation projects supporting the core data network for Vector Fibre (projects included network node expansions, facility & system upgrades, Ciena OTN platform upgrades).

With TOBA, he is enjoying the challenge of delivery across the energy and construction industries. In a short amount of time, his portfolio has grown to include work across the following sectors;

  • Energy Assets (Transmission Line asset upgrade, Land Acquisitions, Asbestos removal).

  • Construction (Catalina Bay Promenade and infrastructure development).

  • Telecoms/Utility systems (Radio Network upgrade)

Alastair's previous project experience

Network/ Power
  • Vector Fibre – SCADA Network – New Fibre Ring build (Eastern Ring)

  • Vector Fibre - Auckland Council N&T Links - WAN Deployment Project​

  • Vector Lights - Queen St Lights fibre build/network solution

  • Lumens – Auckland Harbour Bridge - SCADA WAN connectivity/hardware solution

  • Westgate Substation - SCADA WAN and Protection fibre build/hardware

  • Fibre Network Asset Upgrades and relocations

  • Asset upgrade projects for Vector Electricity on critical network hardware;

    • ​Vector Tunnel radio network hardware upgrade solution

    • Manurewa Zone Substation – SCADA WAN – Fibre/asset relocation

    • Browns Bay Zone Substation – SCADA WAN – Fibre/asset relocation

    • SCADA Router fleet lifecycle replacements – (100+ programme replacements)

    • SCADA WAN - Core hardware refresh (fibre network)

  • Vector Fibre – Off Grid – Network Solutions

    • ​Riverhead Substation

    • Helensville Substation

    • Kawakawa Bay Grid connection

    • Auckland Council Aotea Centre grid connection

    • Substation Fibre Solutions

    • Ponsonby Zone Substation – SCADA WAN/Protection civil/fibre/hardware solution

    • Takanini – SCADA WAN/Protection civil/fibre solution

    • Papakura Zone Substation – SCADA WAN/Protection civil/fibre/hardware solution

    • Mangere East Zone Substation – SCADA WAN/Protection civil/fibre/hardware solution

    • Hobsonville Pt Zone Substation – SCADA WAN/Protection civil/fibre/hardware solution

    • The Drive Zone Substation – SCADA WAN/Protection civil/fibre/hardware solution

  • SCADA - Network Communication Solutions

    • Tapora Grid connection – ADSL new build solution

    • Kaukapakapa Zone Sub – ADSL new build solution

    • Warkworth Zone Sub – Network back-up ADSL solution

    • Kawakawa Bay Grid connection – new build ADSL solution

    • Riverhead Zone Sub – new build ADSL solution

    • Aotea Centre Grid Connection - SCADA WAN - Wireless solution

    • SCADA WAN - Whangaparaoa DMR back-up solution & project delivery

    • Lichfield Grid Connection - SCADA WAN connectivity & hardware upgrade

    • One Office replacements – (6 locations including handover access points)

    • Helensville Zone Substation - SCADA WAN fibre solution (third party)

  • Vector Fibre - Capability Manager

    • UTN Core Network Fibre relocations (Hamilton Datacentre move)

    • UTN Manukau Network node migration (approx. 80 client circuits)

    • Albany/Penrose node generator replacements (2)CBD West node – Air Conditioning asset upgrade

    • CBDC Central node – Eaton Power system asset upgrade

    • ICONZ House – Civil & fibre build and core network hardware installs

    • Orbit Drive Datacentre – 10GB expansion asset upgrade

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