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Dinesh Budhathoki

Principal Project Manager

MEng-ProjMgmt (Hons), BEngTech-Civil (Dist.), NZDE-Civil

022 407 8019

Dinesh Budhathoki

As a seasoned Senior Leader/Manager/Principal in Civil Engineering and Project Management, Dinesh brings a wealth of experience in various aspects, such as technical skills, design expertise, and effective management of assets, contracts, finances, budgets, projects, programs, and portfolios.

With proficiency in business unit/group management, people leadership, and overall engineering management, Dinesh has successfully navigated diverse sectors, including civil, transportation, wastewater, bridges, structures, buildings, airports, ports, and geotechnical disciplines. Dinesh's career has spanned education, local government authority, consulting engineering, and contractor sectors, allowing him to contribute effectively to various projects and teams.

Dinesh's Project Experience

Local Government – Transport, Airport, Port, Road Safety & Infrastructure

•        National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) – West Coast Councils

•        William Stewart, Rough River, and Moonlight Bridge Replacement

•        Development Engineering Management

•        Greymouth Airport Projects and Port Projects

•        Road Safety Barriers - Taylorville Road & Gantry Bridge

•        Grey District - Roading Network Maintenance & Resealing of Carriageways – Chip Seal/AC

•        West Coast Councils Transport Programme/Portfolio Business Case

•        Pavement Rehabilitation – Lake Brunner Road, Taylorville Road, Mackay Street Roundabout

•        NZTA Safe Network Programme


Transport, Road Safety, Three Waters & Horizontal Infrastructure

•        SH01 Mackay to Peka Peka Revocation

•        Palmerston North SH03 Ashurst NZTA Traffic Mitigation

•        NZTA MaWh NOC15 (Site 20, SH4 Site 15, Otako Pa and Raupiu Retreat)

•        Upper Hutt City Council Policy Advice and Low-Cost Low-Risk Works

•        Tauranga Welcome Bay Ohauiti Intersection Improvement – Footpath and Shared Path

•        Wainui Road - Ohope to SH2 Intersection

•        NZTA MaWh NOC15- Saddle Road Right Turn Bays Ashurst Improvement

•        Omaroro Reservoir

•        Safer Road- SH23 Te Uke to Raglan & SH57 – SH01 to Shannon safety improvement

•        Lyttleton Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge Optimisation


Building, Commercial and Vertical Infrastructure

•        University of Auckland- Building Projects

•        Woburn Care Suite Development

•        Ops Building Reconfiguration

•        Wellington Convention and Exhibition Centre



•        Ministry of Education (NZ) – School Projects such as Howick Intermediate School, Orini School, Tamaoho School, Papakura Normal School, Hauraki Plains College, ACG Sunderland School etc



•        Waiheke Island Retaining Wall

•        International remote stand- Stormceptor Excavation at Auckland International Airport

•        SH20A Airport Link

•        New Zealand International Convention Centre (NZICC)

•        Civic Quarter- Auckland Central

•        Taylorville Road Retaining Wall & Grey District Multiple Emergency Slips Remediation Project

•        Several laboratory test projects

Land Development, Civil - Residential and Commercial

•      Various land developments, subdivisions, residential/commercial development, and roading/3 water/civil infrastructure projects across upper North Island. Some of the examples are - Nixon Street Hamilton, NZ Blood, Kahikatea Drive, Hamilton, Hauraki District Council, Ngatea Library, Fitzroy Avenue, Hamilton Subdivision, Te Anga Road, Waikato.

•    Development Engineering Management (Resource, Land Use, Subdivision Consents) work in South Island Canterbury/West Coast Region. Some of the examples are:

•      5-100 lots of residential subdivisions in various suburbs of Grey Districts

•      Various commercial and residential refurbishments, new buildings & construction.

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