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Graeme Marshall

Principal Project Manager

021 023 45256

Graeme Marshall

Graeme is a Principal Project Manager at TOBA Projects with over 30 years of industry experience.

Graeme has a long history in building projects and energy infrastructure across New Zealand and Canada.

Graeme started work as a Project/Design Engineer involved in the primary processing industry before bringing these skills into the energy sector in a role promoting electro technologies and energy efficiency.   This included a period working in Canada at BC Hydro and Duke Solutions promoting Energy Performance Contracting to large industrial clients. Back in New Zealand Graeme was involved in energy and water infrastructure projects including large scale irrigation/hydro developments. 


This base experience, along with Graeme’s valuable skill set, allowed him to move into the project management space. Graeme started and built a commercial construction Project Management consultancy and Construction company and was heavily involved in the rebuild of Christchurch post the earthquakes. 


Graeme brings a depth of experience in the construction and energy sector, and this combined with Graeme’s leadership and interpersonal skills enables him to provide clients with sound well thought through advice.


Graeme’s project portfolio:


·       Project Aqua – Lower Waitaki hydro development.

·       Water infrastructure Project Director.

·       BC Hydro – Time of Use development programme

·       Duke Solutions – Energy Performance Contracting

·       ECNZ – Business Development

·       Vector – Independent review


·       Experienced Engineer to Contract under NZS3910

·       Managed multiple commercial building projects.




·       Te Whatu Ora – Civil infrastructure (FIRP)

·       Te Whatu Ora – New generator project (FIRP)

  • Kainga Ora – Land development

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