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Oran O'Flaherty

Project Manager

M.E Mechanical Engineering (1st Class Honours)

021 439 829

Oran O'Flaherty

Oran has a passion for a sustainable energy future with new exciting innovations but also a keen appreciation for the importance of efficiently utilising current infrastructure.

Oran's technical understanding and ability to effectively communicate all aspects of a project makes him an adaptable and resilient project manager. Oran holds a Master of Mechanical Engineering degree, capping his education off with a highly regarded thesis on the feasibility of transitioning the Irish natural gas grid to hydrogen.


He has gained valuable experience working firstly on the Irish Gas Grid and then for the Electrical Transmission system operator.


This has provided him with a broad understanding of all aspects of energy systems, and adapting projects to take advantage of current infrastructure.


Oran quickly understood the importance of not just the need for a strong technical engineering background, but also the importance of effective communication within the project team and publicly. He has worked in Ireland, Canada and New Zealand and complimented his studies with time in Singapore. He utilises this experience of different work environments to get the best from all members of a project team.


Oran's strengths lies in managing and communicating with all stakeholders of a project. He takes responsibility and ensures that the project team are given everything needed to successfully deliver initiatives on time, on budget and of exceptional quality.

Oran's project portfolio

Electrical Transmission
  • Kildare-Meath 400 kV Transmission Cable New Build

  • Woodland 400/220 kV AIS Substation Extension

  • North Connacht 110 kV Transmission Cable New Build

  • Carrickmines-Arklow 110 kV Line Uprate and New Loop-In Substation

  • Protection Relay Replacement Projects

  • Carrickmines 220 kV GIS Substation Connection

  • Arva-Gortawee Transmission Line Pole Replacements

  • Offshore Wind Customer Transmission Grid Connection

  • 110 kV Transmission Side Switchboard Replacement

  • Defective CT/VT Replacement Programmes

  • Transmission Outage Planning utilising Siemens PSS®E Software



Natural Gas Transmission/Distribution
  • Gas Networks Ireland Industrial and Commercial Meter Replacement Programme

  • Gas Networks Ireland Distribution District Regulator Upgrade Works

  • Gas Networks Ireland Transmission and Distribution Pipe High-Risk Crossing Investigations and Remediation

  • Gas Networks Ireland PE Pipes in building replacement Programme

  • Gas Networks Ireland High Risk Building Proximity Identification and Relocation Programme.



Decarbonisation and Innovative Energy Solutions
  • Project Feasibility for the Conversion of Large Energy User to Hydrogen

  • Feasibility Study of operating the Irish Natural Gas Grid on a 20%mol Hydrogen Blend

  • Feasibility Study of the Infrastructure requirements to enable the conversion of the Natural Gas Grid in Dublin to Hydrogen and the impact on the Levelized Cost of Hydrogen.

  • EirGrid Investigation of the Impact of Hydrogen production on the electrical network

  • Dublin Fleet Operator Compressed Natural Gas Refueling Station


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