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Paulo Once

Project Manager

B.E. (Electrical Engineering)

021 240 8692

Paulo Once

Paulo is a resilient project manager with a passion for NZ’s future in the energy sector. His experience in identifying and implementing energy efficiency strategies gives him a different perspective on project management.


Paulo chose to do an electrical engineering degree in university as he saw this as both a sector with a large potential for growth and a passion he discovered in high school.


Paulo started his career in a large-sized food retail business as a graduate engineer who progressed as their Energy Management Specialist. He has worked on projects related to LED, solar, demand flex, and energy metering strategies, and business case studies with a sole purpose of reducing the energy consumption in their stores.


He has a desire for learning, enjoys a challenge, and loves solving problems. His ventures have developed his project planning, management, and relationship building skills that continue to support his expanding portfolio.

Paulo's Project Spotlight


  • Solar business case studies

  • LED implementation across multiple store sites

  • Piloting Energy submeters across multiple stores that measures key equipment

  • Project management of the installation of Power Factor Units across store sites in the North Island

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