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Tom Kavaliku

Project Manager

Bachelor of Engineering, Tesla Powerwall 1 & 2 Certified Installer

021 449421

Tom Kavaliku

Tom comes from a traditional electrical engineering power systems background and has a passion for innovation and integrating effective new technologies to improve existing systems.

While working at Counties Energy as an intern, Tom learnt the basics of Power Systems at the Electricity distribution level. More recently, working at Vector, he implemented Electricity Network Strategies and incorporated new energy solutions e.g. BESS, LiDAR , Smart FPI’s.

​Tom is excited by the influx of new technologies in the energy sector suchs as Fuel cells, battery technology, EV’s , IPT (inductive power transfer). Tom’s ultimate goal is to combine his passion for electrical engineering and sustainability to deliver cost effective solutions to all communities.

Tom's previous project experience

New Energy Technology Projects
  • Smart FPI Project Trial - execution and review

  • Tesla Powerwall 1 Management and maintenance (approx. 800 residential systems)

  • Tesla Powerwall 2 installation (First installations in NZ)

  • Residential battery reviews

  • LG- RESU Lithium ion battery testing

  • Foodstuffs - Commercial Battery Proposals

  • ASNZ 5139 – Compliance

  • LiDAR

  • Piha Microgrid study

  • Sustainable coastlines back up battery system (Living building challenge)

  • Vector Lights Project support / Panuku Kiosk design

  • JA Solar Panel design Panuku Kiosk

Project Engineering
  • White Swan Zone Substation 11kV switchboard replacement

  • White Swan Zone Substation 11kV proposal cabling design

  • White Swan Zone Substation 11kV cutover planning

  • Transpower Roskill-White Swan Zone Substation 11kV line differential protection upgrade

  • Warkworth Zone substation 33kV ODID relocation

  • Warkworth Zone Substation 11kV switchboard replacement

  • Warkworth Zone Substation 11kV switch room upgrade

  • RMU automation project (Siemens 8DJH design)

  • Schneider 24kV GMA-e asset introduction

Network Resilience Planning
  • Power systems modelling for resilience projects

  • SAIDI initiatives and investigations

  • Muriwai feeder resilience study

  • Tomarata feeder resilience study

  • 7.2 km Submarine cable investigation for South head

  • Omaha Zone substation feasibility study

  • Ormiston Zone substation

  • Automatic Under Frequency Load Sheading (AUFLS) design

  • Transpower / Vector line clearance issues and investigations – Northern Network

  • Piha Microgrid Capital Expenditure Justification

  • LV frame backup battery studies and design

  • Mobi-gen (mobile generation) study and use cases

Process / Investigations
  • SAP,GIS Double pole project

  • Operational Alert – Guroflex investigations

  • Invasive Switchgear servicing improvements - Electrical testing

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